A year on from our transformation, EES Group has seen extraordinary growth in our business delivering renewable energy solutions and helping many diverse organisations to reduce their carbon footprint along their journey to net zero.

Businesses face unprecedented challenges in today’s environment with the rise in energy prices; where demand has exceeded supply in the wholesale market due to the over-reliance in Europe for gas. There does not seem any let up on the high energy prices and the rest of this year and 2024 looks to be another difficult period for businesses with thousands predicted to be in major financial difficulties.

We have some great long-term relationships with our clients in the NHS, Local Authorities, Education and Commercial sectors and demand for our renewable energy solutions has quadrupled in this short 12-month period; where we have seen the requirements of the industry rapidly change.  We have invested in innovative renewable energy solutions for our key technologies centred around LED lighting, solar PV and electric vehicle charging.  We have developed state of the art monitoring and evaluation systems for our energy saving solutions to provide our clients with real time data.  We have invested in our people by not only expanding our workforce but with training and development from asbestos training, to test and inspection training, IPAF and PASMA training and project management qualifications.

There are also key environmental challenges that face us globally and rightly governments and businesses are trying to do their bit to stop global warming by starting their journey to net zero.   We have not only invested in our key technology solutions but our business and our people are always looking at ways to protect the environment whether it is simple measures such as recycling in the office and car sharing to EES Group ethically disposing of obsolete fluorescent lighting through Lumicom.  We are certified by Greener Edge and buy into the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Our environmental management systems have been audited and conform to the ISO 14001 standard to ensure we play our part in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for the planet.

We believe on giving back to the community and support Youthline and their vital counselling service in the local area.  EES Group are also part of the excellent Bracknell Bid where we collaborate with businesses in order to invest and develop the local area.  We have a great relationship with Reading FC and support them in their ethical stance and their drive to net zero.

EES Group have never been in a better position to help businesses combat high and increasing energy prices, to tackle climate change and protect the environment.

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