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we know that navigating the road to net zero can be challenging for many organisations. knowing where you need to get to without knowing exactly how you will get there can sometimes cause energy efficiency plans to stall.

Understanding how different energy efficient technologies can work together and how to deploy CO2 and cost reduction strategies requires a holistic, whole building approach with clearly defined and tangible objectives.

At the EES Group, we will consult with you to really understand where you are today and where you want to get to. Our experienced team can meet with you on site to evaluate your systems, current energy consumption and offer guidance and a tailored plan to drive decarbonisation.

Arrange for one of our team to discuss in detail, your building or estate, your objectives and review any defined decarbonisation or cost reduction plans you have in place.

Based on our review we will advise you on suitable energy efficient technologies to meet your needs. We provide energy and CO2 reduction information backed by sound commercial data.
Once we have agreed the strategy with you, our Project Management teams will guide you through all aspects of the delivery process.

As every customer and every situation is different please come and, talk to us, so we can help advise the right technologies for you.

To help you decarbonise;
why not take advantage of our simple process.

Working with us is about more than just providing products. We will advise you on energy cost reduction strategies and support you every step of the way on your journey to decarbonisation. To make working with us as easy as possible we have created a simple process that allows us to really understand your needs and provide the right solution that delivers tangible benefits now and into the future.



no obligation, free site survey

Firstly, we will conduct a detailed, free of charge site survey, to assess the environment, your specific needs and any systems already in place.



data review and design

Our specialist team will review all the survey and energy consumption data so we can design a solution to help reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Either as a stand-alone system or as part of a wider decarbonisation project.



detailed commercial proposal

Following our survey, we create for you a comprehensive but clear commercial proposal. We look at your current energy consumption, CO2 footprint and provide you a financial summary including positive environment impact, carbon tonne reduction and payback periods.



available funding options

As part of our commercial discussions, we can review potential funding or leasing opportunities.



dedicated project management

Once you are happy to proceed, we appoint a dedicated project manager that will work with you throughout the project to coordinate delivery on time and in budget.

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dedicated project management for every project we undertake.

Once you have decided to proceed with your project, we will appoint a dedicated project manager to work closely with you throughout all stages of the project.


We work closely with you in the early stages of the project to really understand your specific requirements.

We review the current situation on site and what products you have installed plus defining any environment considerations such as asbestos that we need to be aware of.

project manager

Prior to the start of the project, we appoint a dedicated Project Manager that will support you throughout the entire scope of the project.

We work with you to design the required start date that best suits you and then we coordinate with our in-house installation teams to prepare the resources for the start of the installation on the agreed date.

pre-start meetings

Once we have completed the pre project planning we will arrange with you an on-site Pre-Start meeting with our Project Manager and the Installation team leader.
In this meeting we will review the specifics of the installation, agree site access and define the most suitable placement of skips and on-site storage of products to avoid disruption to your daily operations.


During the installation phase of the project, we will continue to keep you updated on our progress and ensure you have all the information you require. We make sure we accommodate this as part of our regular communication process.

completion meeting

Once the project has been completed, we will arrange an on-site Project Completion meeting with you, our Project Manager and Client Relationship Managers.

We will review the installation, pick up any additional needs or questions you have and provide you with any final reporting to allow you to complete your final sign off process.

stock warranty

infinity stock

To support you when we work on LED lighting products, we include 2% infinity stock that will be kept on your site to allow easy and quick replacement of any product failures. The average failure rate of our LED lighting products is approx. 0.4% giving you comfort that you solutions will last.


We take pride in choosing the right product partners to work in order to allow us to provide you with comprehensive and long-term warranty periods. All Fluxled lighting products provided are covered by a 10-year warranty, emergency lighting products have a 5-year warranty and Solar PV solutions have a 20-year warranty period.



In the event of performance issues or defects during the 10 Year Warranty period for LED lighting, or the 20-year period for Solar PV, we will work with you find the fastest and most effective resolution. This could potentially include free of charge replacement product on a part’s only basis.

you may be able to take
advantage of our funding packages.

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