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For many organisations in both the Public and Private sectors accessing the tangible environmental and commercial benefits of utilising electric vehicles is becoming increasingly more important and plays a critical role in developing a coordinated decarbonisation strategy.

reduce your carbon footprint
with our range of electric vehicle charging solutions.

Not all charging solutions are the same, so deploying the right infrastructure while ensuring scalability, easy user interaction and reliability in all conditions is key to any long-term electric vehicle strategy.

At EES Group we believe in listening to our clients’ needs & tailoring our offering to provide the best solution, backed by sound commercial returns & carbon reduction data.

Why not come and talk to us about your requirements and let us help guide you through the process successfully.

did you know?

All regions across the UK saw an increase in total charging devices deployed between 1st October 2021 and 1st January 2022.

did you know?

According to Government data there are 1.3 million electric vehicles in Britain, and this number is rising.

did you know?

A recent study showed the UKs total carbon emissions could be cut by 12% by switching to electric vehicles.

we want the implementation of energy efficient solutions to be easy so why not take advantage of our simple 3 step process.



no obligation, free site survey

Contact one of our team to arrange a free site survey. Our expert design team will conduct an on-site report to assess your environment and requirements, so we can see how to help reduce your carbon emissions and reduce your energy costs.



detailed commercial proposal

We will provide you with a detailed proposal highlighting the positive environmental impact, carbon reduction, payback periods and potential yearly energy cost savings.



dedicated project management

Once you are happy with the proposal we’ll arrange a suitable date and project manage the whole process from start to finish. Everything is taken care of in order to bring you to a more sustainable future.

you may be able to take
advantage of our funding packages.

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