Energy Efficient Solutions Group have a wealth of experience in providing solutions across a wide range of markets including Commercial, Local Authorities, NHS and Education sectors.

healthcare sectors

A critical aspect in implementing a holistic decarbonisation strategy is taking a whole building approach and assessing how different technologies can work together to support your overall CO2 reduction and cost reduction measures.

Healthcare facilities have very specific challenges due to the long operating hours and associated energy consumption coupled with potentially aging systems across a large and diverse estate footprint.

education sectors

Creating connected energy efficient solutions with a campus wide approach is a critical part of delivering a beneficial long-term decarbonisation and cost reduction strategy.

Many schools, academies and universities have large and diverse campuses, encompassing many different building types with significant energy demands, but only during certain hours.

local authority sectors

Many decarbonisation measures are deployed as stand-alone projects without taking a more holistic and connected whole building approach. In order to make a truly significant impact on carbon reduction its critical to consider how connected systems can work together to deliver tangible long-term benefits.

Local Authorities have extensive and extremely varied estates, including Civic Centres, leisure facilities, schools, car parks, museums and galleries, each with different challenges and needs depending on the specific usage of each facility.

commercial sectors

To create a truly successful decarbonisation and cost reduction strategy, a connected whole building approach needs to be considered. Therefore, it’s critical to consider how different technologies can work together to deliver tangible benefits now and into the future.

Commercial premises have many varied uses, from office space, warehousing, distribution to industrial, with differing energy demands, operating hours and occupancy considerations, such as single or multi-tenant.

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