Two new EU Regulations (in place September 2021 in EU and October 2021 in UK)

From September 2021, new energy efficient ratings and energy labels came into effect. As part of the new regulation, energy consumption is now rated in classes A to G. The energy label has been around since 1998, and helps to understand the level of energy efficiency the product is.

EES Group have ensured we are up to date with changing regulations such as these below, incorporating the latest energy efficiency ratings into our product development.

Eco Design EU 2019/2020 – Single Lighting Regulation (SLR)

Rules for improving product lighting performance by providing specific product requirements for energy related products, specifically referring to light sources and control gears. Any product that fails to meet these requirements, will be phased out and replaced by new energy-efficient light sources.

Energy Label EU 2019/2015 – Energy Label Regulation (ELR)

This requires suppliers/installers to provide information about products energy performance in a user-friendly energy label on the packaging of the light sources. There are specific regulations for differing aspects of the supply chain. Below is the new scale for energy efficiency.

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