The world-wide energy crisis has resulted in the closure of thousands of businesses in the UK alone and the expected closure of many more. This is mainly due to the significant increase in energy prices. In an attempt to save businesses, many have been looking at the best ways to cut costs and keep their businesses alive.

One of the easiest ways to cut long term business costs is to switch from the old incandescent bulbs to energy saving LED lights.

In addition, the RoHS directive (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances) is banning the use of mercury in fluorescent lighting due to it being a hazardous substance and harmful to the environment.  As a result, its use in electrical equipment is to be prohibited by September 2023 when the production of fluorescent lamps will be banned and the CE mark will not be issued in the UK for non-compliant products. 

These bans on inefficient light sources will lead to the increased production of renewable energy-efficient solutions and in particular LED lighting.

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are the most efficient source of lighting available and it is now the leading technology in the lighting market, and it is no surprise why.  LED lights are the obvious way forward for businesses looking to reduce their long-term energy costs, carbon footprint and to achieve net-zero goals.

LED hugely reduces your energy costs and has a number of advantages when compared to traditional fluorescent commercial lighting, including improved energy and maintenance efficiencies as well as a better-quality light, the ability to dim lighting, eliminate warm-up times and the capability of frequent switching.  LED’s use as much as 90% less electricity than fluorescent lighting and also last much longer meaning massive savings on maintenance costs.  This renewable energy can last up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for a fluorescent light. 

Advantages of LED at a glance

  • Massive energy cost savings
  • Big reduction in carbon footprint
  • Enhanced lighting environment
  • Sustainability and helping to achieve net zero
  • Long life, low maintenance

Don’t wait for the energy price cap to finish in March 2023 and for your business costs to spiral out of control.  Don’t wait for the supply of fluorescent to stop.  Act now reduce your costs, decrease your carbon footprint, be sustainable, be kind to the environment and install LED lighting.

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