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benefits of led lighting in commercial buildings

LED lighting has a number of advantages when compared to traditional halogen and fluorescent commercial lighting, including improved energy and maintenance efficiencies as well as a better-quality light, the ability to dim lighting, eliminate warm-up times and the capability of frequent switching. Furthermore, lighting in heavy industrial areas regularly has to withstand harsh environmental conditions, needing regular maintenance which is difficult and inconvenient.

Industrial warehousing in commodity or large commercial business are often open for long hours, if not 24/7, loading and unloading. The lighting in a warehouse has to be efficient enough to minimise hazards in the workplace as well as comply with the recommended LUX levels.

Warehouses could benefit from LED lighting for many different reasons such as:

  • No warmup time: Traditional bulbs can take up to 15 minutes to warm up to full power, this is why sports stadiums turn on their lighting well before dark.  LED lighting takes no time to light up to full power, meaning it speeds up the process of getting started for the day and allows you to turn on and off the lighting, when necessary, without worrying about the warm up time.
  • The Ability to Dim Lighting: LEDs become more efficient when they are run at less than full power. In addition, the lifespan of the bulb increases when the device is run at less than full power. This allows facility managers to save even more money by managing lighting in an intelligent manner.
  • LEDs are Capable of Frequent Switching: The inability to turn lights on and off quickly is a major problem for lights such as metal halides (taking 15-20 minutes to turn on). LEDs can be turned on and off instantaneously with no degradation to the light output or the device itself. Therefore, energy and device lifespan are not compromised by running them unnecessarily when the lights are not needed.
  • Extended bulb lifespan: Our LED lighting comes with a lifespan of 63,000 hours; this is 10 times longer than any other traditional bulb. This means fewer replacements and less maintenance required, and reduced disruption by replacing lighting that is hard to get to.
  • Lower energy consumption meaning more savings: LED lighting Is a lot more sustainable than other lighting options due to using 60% less energy to power. This, coupled with extended lifespan will save the business a huge amount as well as reducing their carbon footprint.
  • LED lighting is available with a sensor: By incorporating motion sensors, you can increase how efficiently you use LED lighting, this therefore will improve your annual electricity savings. Motion sensors detect movement in an area and will light up to full power. After a while, with no movement detected, the light will turn itself off, reducing energy costs.

Lighting accounts for nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions – a global switch to energy efficient LEDs could save over 1.4 billion tons of CO2 from being emitted into our atmosphere and avoid the construction of 1250 power stations. On average, just 1 LED bulb will minimise greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton. Replacing outdated fluorescent lighting to modern LED options can provide as much as 85% energy savings. Did you know that most of the energy that goes into lighting an incandescent lamp is actually spent on heating the filament? Outdated lighting can account for up to 95% of your lighting costs on heating a bulb and only 5% lighting it! An LED lamp, on the other hand, loses around 5% of the energy generated to heat, whilst 95% is converted to light.

Energy Efficient Solutions Group typically save our clients up to 80% on their annual electricity bills as well as offer a 10-year warranty on all products (emergency products are 5-year).

Ways EESG could benefit you and your business:

  • We offer a free initial site-visit which will help us recognise your potential annual savings.
  • Our skilled project team will work with you all the way through ensuring your experience with us is stress-free.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Quality and expertise.
  • A wide and specialised product range.

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