Project location

Sutton Town Council

Sutton Town Council’s commitment to becoming London’s most sustainable net zero borough is exemplified in their strategic initiatives. Owing to EES Group’s history of success in providing renewable and sustainable solutions to governing bodies, the council initiated a partnership to upgrade the civic centre’s lighting infrastructure to LED lighting.


what we did…

The transformation aimed to not only enhance the visibility and functionality of the civic centre but also address public safety concerns. Our team conducted a comprehensive site survey to identify the optimal solution for each room, maximising energy savings and improving the overall environment. Collaborating closely with the council, the team designed unique fittings that catered to the aesthetic, energy, and safety preferences. This bespoke approach necessitated meticulous attention to detail, led by a dedicated project manager.

The installation of colour-changing light bulbs along walkways, as voted by the public, addressed safety concerns. Additionally, the team added custom panelling to accommodate the existing ventilation system and photocell sensors to improve energy efficiency in low-usage areas. Following the upgrade, the LUX levels increased by an impressive 300%.

The council collaborated with EES Group to confront environmental issues and make progress in their efforts to create a better future. Their dedication was acknowledged with 11 Green Flag awards in 2023, showcasing their continuous commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

  • annual energy savings
  • 10 year total cost savings
  • annual carbon emission savings