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southmead hospital bristol

Through a successful application for Public Sector Decarbonisation funding, North Bristol NHS Trust joined forces with Energy Efficient Solutions Group to embark on a comprehensive initiative to upgrade lighting systems within the L&R and Pathology buildings.


what we did…

Driven by the dual objectives of minimising energy costs and contributing to decarbonisation, the Trust tasked EES Group with the role of implementing an innovative lighting system. The newly installed system not only delivered significant energy savings but also featured the strategic integration of presence sensors throughout the facilities, enhancing the overall reduction in energy consumption.

The positive outcomes achieved in the L&R and Pathology buildings paved the way for an expanded collaboration between EES Group and the Trust. In a commendable extension of their impact, EES Group facilitated the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting across an additional six buildings. This milestone solidified the ongoing partnership, positioning EES Group as a trusted supplier in the Trust’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

As an active and dedicated collaborator, EES Group remains in constant dialogue with the Trust, diligently identifying and addressing the lighting needs of other buildings earmarked for upgrades. This iterative and cooperative approach underscores the shared commitment to forging a sustainable future and exemplifies the harmonious synergy between North Bristol NHS Trust and Energy Efficient Solutions Group. Their ongoing collaboration is not merely a testament to the success achieved so far but also a promise of continued strides toward energy efficiency and environmental stewardship within the healthcare sector.

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