project location

LVS School

LVS Ascot partnered with EES Group in August 2023 to install solar PV systems across their school, which will significantly reduce their high energy bills. LVS aim to be a more sustainable school, actively encouraging the pupils to learn about environmental action and responsibility.


what we did…

The project required meticulous planning from the project team to ensure a smooth installation process, enabling the desired time frame to be achieved.

With a tight seven-day deadline before the commencement of the school term in September, the project manager focused on providing efficient solutions to accommodate their requirements. This involved consistent communication with all key stakeholders, such as the estate managers, teachers, and even external clubs who used the facilities during the holidays.

The team also deployed a new innovative methodology, using a chip to allow for wireless transmission between the energy metre and inverters.

The success of this ongoing collaboration has propelled LVS forward in its journey towards decarbonisation and a more sustainable school environment.

  • annual energy savings
  • 20 year energy savings
  • system size
  • carbon emission savings