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London Cable Cars

London Cable Cars partnered with EES Group in October 2023 to install solar PV systems in line with TFL’s net zero carbon goals. TFL aims to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve a 100% reduction by 2045.


what we did…

The project involved careful planning to meet energy needs and accommodate the fragile building structures. The latest innovative technology was deployed to ensure highest performance and reliability, enabling detailed monitoring for the client.

With only a five-day window for the project, due to biannual cable car maintenance, efficient planning and constant client communication were essential. Work could only occur from Sunday at 10pm to Friday at 6pm.

Overcoming challenges was crucial to meet the tight deadline. Access issues and site constraints required quick solutions, such as repositioning obstacles and specialised scaffolding for the glass buildings. Slippery PVC roofing and health and safety concerns were addressed.

Effective communication with project management played a key role in the successful execution of this challenging project, emphasising risk mitigation and problem-solving to ensure on-time completion.

  • annual energy savings
  • 20 year energy savings
  • system size
  • carbon emission savings