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john radcliffe

John Radcliffe is one of the largest LED projects in the UK, covering 4 sites- the main hospital and 3 provincial local hospitals. The replacement rollout program was organised to work around the requirements of the day to day running of the hospital and offer the least interference. Working in live wards required our highly skilled and experienced installers to complete this project. EES Group worked closely with the estates team producing a highly detailed and comprehensive project plan, which then developed into our KPIs, milestones and delivery plan. The project was not only delivered on time but also on budget. Making this one of the biggest Carbon savings on a single LED project in the UK.



EES Group were professional and efficient at all times and delivered a 20,000+ luminaire project on time and on budget as well as meeting all the KPIs in advance of the project commendment. All staff were respectful and professional and the project ran smoothly. – J Mistry