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j a brooks

J A Brooks was established in 1925 with a long history in the delivery of public health and water services in the South East and holds an excellent reputation as one of Londons leading plumbing contractors.



what we did…

The overall aim of the project was to install the most efficient array of solar PV at JA Brooks new freight centre in London by the 28th April 2023. The most efficient use of rooftop space was needed to ensure optimal power delivery but also with the option to increase capacity in the future should the freight centre require it making the project truly sustainable.

The installation was delivered by an ‘agile’ project management approach with incremental steps/milestones to ensure the project was completed on time. EES Group were tasked to delivering a 187.00kW solar array.

  • annual energy savings
  • 20 year energy savings
  • payback period
  • carbon emission savings


At JA Brooks Group, we’ve made it our mission to strive towards a net-zero carbon footprint. With this ambitious goal in mind, we found the perfect partner in EES Group. We had the opportunity to collaborate with them on a large-scale photovoltaic project at our DfMA facility, The Pod, in Colchester, UK. Their commitment to environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality was apparent throughout the project.

Despite facing a challenging programme period, EES Group delivered a superb performance. Their team’s expertise, commitment, and professionalism were evident as they navigated through complex situations and tight deadlines. Their strategic planning and execution made the installation of our extensive PV array smooth and successful.

What stands out about the photovoltaic system installed by EES Group is its ability to not just generate power, but also store it. By integrating a fuel cell storage solution, EES Group has enabled us to optimise our energy usage, thereby ensuring power continuity and contributing to our objective of becoming a net-zero carbon company.

Since the completion of the project, we’ve seen a significant decrease in our carbon emissions and an impressive increase in our energy self-sufficiency. Our journey towards net-zero carbon has been undoubtedly accelerated due to the outstanding work by EES Group.

The partnership with EES Group has been a rewarding one, and we look forward to future collaborations as we continue our journey towards environmental sustainability. To anyone looking for a reliable, professional, and knowledgeable photovoltaic contractor, we highly recommend EES Group.