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Project location

Huish Episcopi Academy

Huish Episcopi Academy is a coeducational secondary school in Somerset. In 2022, the Academy initiated a partnership with EES Group to complete an LED lighting upgrade across their site.


what we did…

The Academy aimed to reduce energy consumption and costs while achieving their decarbonisation target.

EES Group’s team completed a comprehensive site survey to ensure a tailored design with optimal lighting for each room. In addition to the standard LED upgrades, the team installed compliant emergency lighting with photocell sensors to enhance energy efficiency in low-usage areas. In total, over 900 LED fittings were installed.

At the Academies request, EES Group also installed new ceiling areas that needed to be changed from Imperial to Metric specifications.

This project is a testament to the importance of joint efforts in creating a more sustainable world for future generations. The collaboration between EES Group and Huish Episcopi Academy resulted in energy savings of £49,232 in just one year, with an impressive short payback period of 1.11 years. In addition to achieving the Academy’s proposed targets, upgrading the old, inefficient lighting enhanced the school’s general learning environment and contributed towards creating a safer, more welcoming campus.

  • annual energy savings
  • 10 year total cost savings
  • annual carbon emission savings