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go north west

Go North West was founded in 2019 when the Go-Ahead Group took over operations at the historic Queens Road bus depot in the heart of Manchester. Go North West have worked hard to embed themselves within the communities they serve and run an extensive network of routes across Greater Manchester and Salford.  Go North West found that their lighting was outdated, inefficient and in some instances failing safety regulations. As a result, they asked EESG to upgrade their lighting to a more efficient LED solution.


what we did…

Go North West had a requirement of 300-500 Lux levels in their depot and their original lighting was much lower than this. In the past year, Go North West had a number of advisories due to the dim lighting and not meeting lux levels.

Go North West had been spending an estimated £183,180 per annum on lighting energy costs. Following the installation of EESG’s LED lighting, this was significantly reduced to an estimated £43,374 saving the depot £139,806 per year on their electricity bills.

Through an innovative lighting design and the utilisation of state-of-the-art products, the EESG team were able to achieve a 76% reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions, offering a 0.6 years payback on investment. As well as the correct light intensity and LUX levels for the depot. Energy Efficient Solutions Group replaced their old sodium light fittings with Kenways and Aviums which resulted in compliant health and safety standards for working environment.

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