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Girls’ Day School Trust

The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) has embraced an ambitious environmental sustainabilty strategy, articulating a commitment to achieving a Net Zero target across its network of 25 prestigious schools by 2050. A significant step towards these targets has been the ongoing transformation of the school’s internal environment to promote health and wellbeing and low energy LED lighting to reduce carbon footprint of the GDST estates.

The GDST’s ‘One’ sustainability agenda highlights the necessary actions that must be taken to tackle climate change head-on. Central to this initiative is a meticulous analysis of the carbon footprint associated with every purchasing decision throughout the supply chain, reflecting a dedication to environmentally conscious procurement practices.

With 15 years of experience in lighting design, installations, and project management, coupled with an impressive portfolio of clients across various sectors, EES Group reinforced their position as a leader in the LED lighting sector with the ability to deliver large-scale projects efficiently.

The GDST’s confidence in EESG is reinforced by their notable certifications, including the esteemed B Corp recognition, showcasing the company’s commitment to genuine environmental and societal impact. Additionally, EES Group’s LED products are endorsed by the UK’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA) to ensure product quality. EES Group maintains that environmental responsibility is at the forefront of its ethos, demonstrated through the environmentally safe disposal of replaced products and a 10-year LED warranty. This aligned seamlessly with the GDST’s sustainability ambitions and highlighted that EESG could be entrusted with the project.


what we did…

Identifying the potential for massive electricity savings, the organisation initiated a project to replace the old inefficient lighting with energy-efficient LED alternatives. These alternatives would not only enable significant savings but would substantially improve the environment for the pupils. EESG’s comprehensive approach allowed them to create designs that maximised the utility of the schools’ facilities. For instance, the team rewired the existing complex lighting systems to enable dimming in sports halls. The lighting levels were assessed based on Sporting England’s recommendations and can be adjusted to fit multiple sports and exams when needed.

EESG provided round-the-clock contact via a dedicated project manager on the LED project that helped to streamline the project delivery and establish a clear line of communication between the project team and GDST client team. This was key to the success of the LED project delivery, whilst also showcasing both organisations’ shared commitment towards mitigating climate change and supporting gender equality. EES Group works with women’s aid charities to increase the accessibility of sustainability for women, and as the most prominent educator of girls in the UK, the GDST plays a pivotal role in encouraging a greener society for the future generations of girls who will graduate from their schools.

EESG’s optimised and efficient installation of the LED projects across GDST schools is an important part of GDST’s estates decarbonisation strategy to help realise their Net Zero 2050 goals.

The LED installations across schools has helped reduce the energy demand for lighting loads significantly. In turn, they have contributed to reducing GDST’s carbon footprint also. The Carbon savings will continue to grow after the completion of the second phase.

This project has illuminated a sustainable path for the future of the Girls’ Day Schools Trust, underscoring the impact of strategic partnerships in achieving environmental goals and creating a net-zero carbon future.


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“I would like express my sincere gratitude to yourself and to your team who carried out the snags during half term. Please pass on my thanks to Cody who worked tirelessly to complete the snags in time and working above and beyond in adverse weather conditions to complete the external lighting. The team were professional and hard working throughout the works” – Alain, Operation Manager