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Bransgore CE Primary School

Bransgore Church of England Primary School is located in the village of Bransgore which borders Hampshire’s picturesque New Forest.  They pride themselves on being a traditional village school but, at the same time, being dynamic and forward-thinking. The school is committed to the development and encouragement of all pupils and staff and enlisted EESG to upgrade their lighting to LED, to enhance their teaching environment and to reduce energy costs. 

The school had been spending an estimated £8,639 per annum on lighting energy costs. Following the installation of EESG’s LED lighting, this was reduced to an estimated £2,105 saving the school £6,534 per year on their electricty bills. A reduction of 76% electrical usage.

There were also additional savings to be made in terms of lamp replenishment costs and internal maintenance, estimasted to be in the region of £1,002 per annum.

Innovative lighting design and the utilisation of state-of-the-art products, meant EESG’s team were able to achieve the correct light itensity and LUX levels for the school. Energy Efficient Solutions Group replaced the old light fittings with Pririo Panels, Antirios, Tarions, Kenways and Aviums.

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