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Barchester Healthcare

Barchester Healthcare is a leading provider of high-quality care services with multiple facilities across England. They commit to providing excellent care for their residents. Facing challenges of escalating energy costs and a growing awareness of the environmental impact associated with traditional energy sources, Barchester Healthcare needed to find an energy solutions partner who was a market leader within the healthcare sector and would be able to work efficiently and effectively within patient and resident environments.


what we did…

Meeting with EES Group at their head office in Berkshire, their in-house design team were able to create bespoke solar PV arrays for every individual care home, meeting each of its specific needs. EES Group, leaders in providing renewable and sustainable technology solutions, were able to offer a dedicated project management team and deploy the latest innovation in solar PV monitoring systems to deliver a fully optimised solution.

In 2023 Barchester Healthcare committed to move towards greener technologies for its homes with an extensive investment programme. Working with EES Group as its chosen supplier, the company installed 3,672 solar panels at 18 homes with a total investment of £1.9m.

The programme resulted in a solar PV system that has a combined capacity of 1.507MWp including SolarEdge inverters and a monitoring system to ensure optimal energy generation, efficiency, and safety to generate enough energy for 22 million cups of tea and offset the equivalent in carbon dioxide emissions as planting 23,398 trees.

Joe Rippon, Energy and Environment Manager for Barchester, says: “It’s exciting to see all of the changes taking effect in our homes and the massive benefits to our energy efficiency each change brings. This year we are rolling out an estimated 4,767 solar panels across the estate which we help us to offset the equivalent carbon dioxide emissions as planting over 17,000 trees. It feels good to know we are helping the planet as well as creating comfortable, homely environments for our residents.”

Barchester Healthcare’s CEO, Dr Pete Calveley, comments: “Our commitment to making our homes as green as possible continues to be a major focus in 2024. All of our new build properties are designed with energy efficiency top of mind and have green technologies fitted as standard from LED lighting to monitored water systems and solar powered heating and cooling systems. We are also working hard to upgrade our main estate properties with greener technologies as part of our extensive ongoing refurbishment programme.”

  • annual energy savings
  • 10 year total cost savings
  • annual carbon emission savings


“We have been very impressed with EES Group from every aspect of our ongoing installation programme, they completed 18 installations for us last year with a total of 3,672 solar panels installed. We have another 37 care home installations planned this year. Despite the size of the programme, EES Group’s project management has been and continues to be extremely good, we have no complaints whatsoever. Their installer teams are efficient and professional and their roll out strategy across multiple sites has been seamless. As a business we are investing heavily in green technologies and we need to be able to rely on our suppliers, we are confident that EES Group are an excellent energy solution partner. As part of our ‘Green Plan, Net Zero’ goals the project has delivered everything we asked for and we have every confidence that it will continue to do so.” – Joe Rippon, Energy and Environment Manager