Fluorescent Bulb Ban – What does this mean for you?

LED lights are becoming the new norm. This is because higher-energy halogen lightbulbs and T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps are becoming phased out due to the negative effect they have on the environment. Fluorescent lights have proven to produce negative health and ergonomic effects. This type of lighting has a plethora of disadvantages, including the hazardous mercury and phosphorus inside the bulbs, which contaminates the surrounding climate if broken or when disposed. Additionally, the quality of fluorescent bulbs can cause health issues, such as migraines, for individuals exposed to this type of lamp due to the “flicker”.

Fluorescent lighting has also been linked with depression, reduced productivity and eyestrain, something business and building owners need to avoid in order to meet employees’ physiological needs.

The T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps have been a popular choice of bulb globally but are now set to be banned in the UK from 2023. Halogen pins including G4, GY6.35 and G9 will also follow suit, and from September 2023, these will be prohibited from being placed on the market. By shifting to LEDs, it is estimated that 1.26 million tonnes of carbon will be emitted every year, resulting in a much “greener” environment and taking the UK one step closer to the net zero goal.

LightingEurope, often regarded as the voice of the lighting industry, advises building owners to work alongside a “lighting expert” to ensure that they can implement the highest quality lighting technology that enables them to be cost-effective and energy efficient. Switching to LED lights will be the most likely option.

LED lights are renowned for their long life-span and being an energy-efficient and cost-effective technology. They are a great alternative to fluorescent lighting and are the most efficient source of lighting available. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LEDs reduce eyestrain and headaches due to being flicker-free. As a result, employees will be more comfortable in the workplace, leading to productivity almost certainly increasing.

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